This is a list of all currently avaliable skills and their mana colors.

Skill Name Mana Color #1 Mana Color #2 Trait
Balance Black Green Dexterous
Bluff Black Blue Charismatic
Climb Green Red Athletic
Craft White Red Intelligent
Diplomacy White Blue Charismatic
Disable Device Black White Intelligent
Disguise Black Blue Charismatic
Gambling Black White Charismatic
Gather Information Red Blue Intelligent
Heal White Green Magical
Hide Green Black Dexterous
Illusion Red Blue Magical
Instill Emotion Red Black Magical
Jump Green Red Athletic
Knowledge Blue Green Intelligent
Listen Blue


Charge (attack) Black Red Athletic
Move Object Black Red Magical
Sneak (attack) Black Blue Dexterous
Persuade Red White Charismatic
Repair White Green Intelligent
Ride Green Blue Dexterous
Search Red Blue Aware
Sense Motive Blue White Aware
Sleight of Hand Black White Dexterous
Spot Blue White Aware
Survival Green White Aware
Swim Black Green Athletic
Telepathy Red White Magical
Tumble Green Red Athletic

Skills per color

Green -12 - Dex, Ath, Dex, Mag, Awa, Int, Ath, Ath, Ath, Awa, Int, Dex

Blue - 12 - Cha, Cha, Dex, Awa, Awa, Cha, Mag, Awa, Int, Awa, Int, Dex

Black - 12 - Int, Dex, Cha , Ath , Mag, Cha, Cha, Dex, Awa, Dex, Ath, Dex

Red - 12 - Ath, Mag, Cha, Mag, Cha, Int, Mag, Awa, Int, Ath, Ath, Ath

White - 12 - Int, Dex, Cha , Mag, Cha, Int, Awa, Awa, Cha, Mag, Awa, Int

Skill Combos

Black & White - 3 - Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, Gambling - Int, Dex, Cha

Black & Red - 3 Charge, Move Object, Intimidate - Ath, Mag, Cha

Black & Blue - 3 - Bluff, Disguise, Move Sneak - Cha, Cha, Dex

Black & Green - 3 - Hide, Swim, Balance - Dex, Ath, Dex

White & Red - 3 - Telepathy, Persuade, Craft - Mag, Cha, Int

White & Blue - 3 - Spot, Sense Motive, Diplomacy - Awa, Awa, Cha

White & Green - 3 - Heal, Survival, Repair - Mag, Awa, Int

Red & Blue - 3 - Illusion, Search, Gather Information - Mag, Awa, Int

Red & Green - 3 - Climb, Jump, Tumble - Ath, Ath, Ath,

Blue & Green - 3 - Listen, Knowledge, Ride - Awa, Int, Dex

Trait Spread

Athletic - 5

Dexterous - 5

Charismatic - 5

Intelligent - 5

Aware - 5

Magical - 5

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